Written By: Hannah Mallen, M.S., CCC-SLP

As school gets ready to start in the fall, our children will be spending time in school with teachers and new classmates. For many parents, there is a struggle with their children communicating about events happening at school. How was your day? What did you do? These are some of the basic questions many parents ask their children, but often these questions are difficult for our clients with language-based difficulties.

How can I help?

Two children making crafts
  • Have teachers send home a daily note with 1-2 details from the day.
    • For example, they made pumpkin crafts today, or went to music class and enjoyed the drums. These details will help parents support their children in answering appropriately.
  • Give your children choices (e.g., Did you have music or art today?)
  • Verbal cues (e.g., Your teacher said you made a craft that is orange and grows outside)
  • Models (e.g., You made pumpkins in school!).

A mother and a child hugging

Why does this matter?

In this way, children feel successful in communicating about past events or more complex ideas that are not visible in the here and now. You can also work on taking pictures during fun activities to share with teachers or family members later, which can help with story retell.

Enjoy the new school year!

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