Assistive Tech
(FAAST Inc., 2016)

Children with special needs or other disabilities require assistive technology (AT) such as equipment, software, or product systems that would can assist them in all aspects of daily living such as walking, feeding, or communicating. This specialized AT can be very costly for families. Here are some websites and resources for additional information and used equipment for sale or loan:

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology, Inc. serves Floridians with disabilities by providing free access to information, referral services, educational programs, and publications in accessible formats on topics such as disability rights, laws, and policies. They also provide assistive technology (AT) device loans as well as funding opportunities for AT. With loans, you can test drive the equipment or software prior to committing to buying one. They also have a new online system where you can find new or used AT equipment or free or at a reduced price. Visit for location information.

Facebook is another great resource regarding AT as well as groups for the resale of new or used equipment. Search for Facebook groups that may relate to your child’s disability or disorders. These social networks assist in providing resources, information, and a support community to ask questions regarding a variety of topics. Facebook also has groups geared towards the resale of gently used or new equipment. For example the group “special needs gently used medical equipment for sale” is a group in which the community can post different medical equipment that is for sale. Other groups exist for specific regions of Florida or the country. Just search general terms such as: special needs, medical equipment.

Lastly, check out our website and click “New Patients” for a list of pediatric partners in our community. This list contains many different vendors with whom we collaborate with for medical and therapy equipment. You can also contact us to schedule an  appointment at one of our wheelchair/adaptive equipment clinics to get evaluated, measured, and fitted  with wide range of adaptive equipment, including complex seating, custom molded seating, power  wheelchairs, and alternative access methods for power mobility such as use of head arrays, touch pads, etc.


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