About Us

Our Mission

Progressive Pediatric Therapy is committed to empowering children and families in the community through a multi-disciplinary approach.

The pediatric team of speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapists are selected experts in their respected fields and all share a common compassion and love of children.

Our History

Progressive Pediatric Therapy was founded by Aimee Brueck, Physical Therapist. Aimee always had a passion for helping families and children with special needs to reach their maximum potential. She previously owned a practice in Chicago, Illinois, and was exposed to many innovative practices. Her husband and family relocated to the Palm Beach area in 2009 and quickly found there were few practices with a multi-disciplinary approach. This is when Aimee decided to open Progressive Pediatric Therapy. She began by providing therapy in the home and eventually opened 3 clinics. In addition to traditional therapy, Aimee continues to grow and develop a variety of unique therapeutic approaches including community-based programs such as aquatic therapy, handwriting camps, orthotics clinic, therapeutic vibration, wheelchair clinic, and more. Aimee’s goal is to empower children, families, and the community, while providing quality care to all the children served by her dedicated team of pediatric therapists.


Our Teams


    Boca Raton Team

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    Lake Worth Team


    West Palm Beach Team



    Our Core Values

    • Passion for Making a Difference
    • Excellence
    • Honesty & Integrity
    • Teamwork & Collaboration
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Innovation

    Teamwork & Collaboration

    We believe that the child’s parents and family have the primary role in encouraging their child’s development. The role of our therapists is to work in close partnership with the patient’s family to develop treatment plans that address the needs and concerns of the family and child. The personal information about the child that is shared with us by the family allows us to individualize the therapy services provided. We also provide families with advocacy and assistance by:

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      Communicating and coordinating with other providers.

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      Teaching strategies for managing physical limitations and behavior relative to daily routines and activities.

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      Teaching strategies for managing physical limitations and behavior relative to daily routines and activities.

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      Providing information about medical conditions and healthcare needs.

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      Utilizing mobility devices and equipment options.

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      Teaching safety for the home and community.


      PPT Giving Back

      At Progressive Pediatric Therapy, we believe in enriching our community by supporting and engaging in nonprofit and community outreach activities.




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