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At Progressive Pediatric Therapy, we offer specialized feeding therapy provided by skilled occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists.

Our feeding therapy services can be provided virtually via teletherapy, which provides a unique view into mealtimes within a child’s natural setting, or through traditional direct contact sessions in any of our three Palm Beach County locations. Watch the video to learn more about Feeding Therapy.

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What is feeding therapy?

Sometimes, children have significant difficulty during meal times and feeding, which is important for their nourishment, growth, development, and socialization. These difficulties present in many ways, including limited array of food choices, gagging or vomiting when eating, being prone to choking or aspiration when feeding, not able to sit still/remain seated during meal times, only accepting certain textures or colors of food, and outright refusal to eat. Children’s feeding challenges often arise due to oral motor/structural differences, postural irregularities, sensory differences, and behavioral components. Feeding therapy is designed to target the specific areas affecting the child’s ability to participate wholly in meal times, self-feeding, and family engagement.

Our feeding therapists provide in-depth evaluation of the child and family’s specific needs. Then, they design and implement interventions to target areas where the child and family will benefit most. Therapists work directly with the child, but also provide extensive training to the caregivers to carry over the strategies and skills at home.

Who can benefit from feeding therapy?

Feeding challenges are fairly common and can be found in 25-35% of typically developing children and 40-70% of children with medical conditions and developmental disabilities. In fact, 20% of all children from birth to 8 years old will experience feeding challenges.Often, families with children who have significant feeding difficulties have no idea that there is help out there! At Progressive Pediatric Therapy, we utilize a simple screening process to determine if further evaluation is necessary. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s eating and feeding behaviors, please contact our offices at 561-376-2573 or at info@ppt4kids.com.1

1 Rudolph CD, Link DT. Feeding disorders in infants and children. Pediatr Clin North Am. 2002;49(1):97-vi. doi:10.1016/s0031-3955(03)00110-x

What approaches are used for feeding therapy?

Depending on the needs of your child, at Progressive Pediatric Therapy we use the following approaches:

  • Beckman Oral Motor
  • SOS Feeding Approach
  • AEIOU Feeding Approach
  • Child-Led Play
  • Sensory and Behavioral Models

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