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“If I could give 10 stars I would! My son has been with PPT Boca office since he was just 3 months old . From going to our home to us coming into the office. I can honestly say I consider everyone here family! They put in love and care in everything that they do for my boy and even go above and beyond in his development.

His therapists include Mrs. Mary(PT) Mrs. Kim(PT) Mrs. Kallie(PT) Mrs. Nicole(OT) Miss. Gaby( OT) Miss. Kathryn(ST). The amazing front staff whom make everything so much easier for us and who treat us so well are Mrs. Botchy and Miss. Samantha and Amy! You all are wonderful!”

Rebecca D.


My son has been a patient at PPT since he was about 3 months old- he is now 16 months old and I owe so much of his success to his wonderful therapists and the office staff. They really go above and beyond! Whether it’s trying new therapy strategies/techniques or helping to work with insurance- they are always able to assist.

I am so grateful for all they have done! I highly recommend Progressive Pediatric Therapy!”

Lindsey E.


Progressive Pediatric Therapy is a great place to take your kids for therapy. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. I took my child to several other places for therapy, but it was never a good fit with my daughter.

My daughter’s speech therapist, Margie, has found a great way to work with my daughter and has a lot of progress! Great place! I recommend to everyone!

Kristiana R. 


Por donde comienzo a decir todo lo maravilloso que es este lugar y la terapeuta de mi niña Sarita. Yo tengo una niña de dos añitos que siempre tuvo una evolución normal físicamente y motora pero cuando llegó el momento de comenzar a hablar no sucedió. Muchas personas me decían la niña va a estar bien no te preocupes hay niños que se demoran a hablar. Pero yo como Mamá sabia que mi niña necesitaba ayuda para poder arrancar y lograr que al comenzar la escuela pueda comprender y tener un buen comportamiento. A raíz de la falta de comunicación el comportamiento de mi niña también era agresivo por todo se molestaba no jugaba no permitía que le dieran direcciones, se lanzaba al suelo a gritar de la frustración. Un día decidí llamar a esta clinica Progressive Pediatric Therapy en Okeechobee y encontré a Sarita. No existen palabras para decir lo maravillosa terapeuta que es Sarita. En solo 2 o 3 meses que llevamos de terapia mi niña Samantha no solo ha comenzado a hablar si no también ha mejorado su comportamiento, ya sigue direcciones, saluda cuando ve otros niños y nunca quiere irse, siempre quiere seguir jugando con Sarita. Sarita es uno de esos diamantes difíciles de encontrar. Le importa y se preocupa porque sus pacientes evolucionen y los trata con amor y dedicación. Es una terapeuta de corazón. Me ha enseñado mucho también para yo poder continuar ayudándola en la casa. Muchas gracias Sarita por todo tu trabajo y cariño hacia mi niña. Dios te bendiga siempre.

Jessie B.


Great place to receive therapy! My daughter goes to PT and the therapists of ALL disciplines are so amazing and knowledgeable. If you need Speech, Occupational or Physical therapy this is your place!

Brittini L.


The therapists at the location are out of this world!! Best facility I’ve ever worked with, my daughter loves the therapists she’s sees and it brings joy to my soul to see my daughter acknowledge other people! My daughter has made a great amount of progress since coming here, though we still have a long way to go I trust that the therapists at Progressive Pediatric will help us get there!

Daitria D. 


My child attended sessions for about a year with Miss Regina (in office and virtually) and briefly with Miss Manny (virtually) for speech. They were amazing, engaging and professional. Their approach, technique, and manner with my child was incredible. I really appreciate all the hard work in helping Henny. THANK YOU ❤

Linda G. 


My Daughter is having big progress since therapy sessions with speech therapist Margie Avila. Therapist Margie is always sweet and very professional with all family.


“Dante was referred to Progressive Pediatric Therapy when the pediatrician and I had some concerns about my son’s developmental delays, he was only 10 months when we started going here. From the get go things went smoothly. I was able to get an appointment in a timely manner to have my son evaluated to see where they could help.

First we started with physical therapy because he was diagnosed with some torticollis and thanks to their professionalism and knowledge my son was able to overcome this. Then we kept on working on hitting his milestones, from sitting, to crawling and now walking, with orthotics that they have prescribed.

Soonafter Dante was offered occupational therapy, teaching him to put things in and out of containers, working on his sensory issues, like playing with playdoh, pasta and shaving cream. Now we are working on self-feeding, which is not an easy task, but with the patience and positiveness of the therapists it is something we will conquer.

He also started getting speech therapy, we started with some sign language but it was not something he was attentive to. A few months after starting this therapy, they suggested working with a communication device, in his case the “eye-gaze”. He was loaned one for a month and we did see the benefit of the device, so the office did all the paperwork to have his insurance company approve it. We had some fall backs, the insurance denied the device. Well this did not stop his therapist and office staff to appeal the insurance’s final decision, they went back to them with more paperwork and proof of how helpful this tool was for my child. Finally we got the device and are very happy with how PPT pushes for their kids’ needs.

Finally, not only has PPT helped my child in the past 2 years, they have helped me. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for me as a parent with Dante’s diagnosis and they have been there for me too. If I have any questions or suggestions, we work as a team, it’s like we are a family. In the end is all about the child’s well being which is why I love this place and staff.

I am grateful to have found such caring people to help with my son’s needs.

Andrea C.

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