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Why work for Progressive Pediatric Therapy?

Progressive Pediatric Therapy is committed to empowering children and families in the community through a multi-disciplinary approach.

The pediatric team of speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapists are selected experts in their respected fields and all share a common compassion and love of children.


We believe that each employee contributes directly to the success of our clients and company through dedication to quality standards and best practices, contributions to our programs, and collaboration with our team and community providers.

Progressive Pediatric Therapy offers full time, part time, and per diem positions with competitive pay and benefits including 401k, continuing education, paid time off, and medical/dental. 

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Our Commitment

We will:

  • Practice the most ethical and effective therapy care possible
  • Discover new treatments and modalities through continually learning and researching
  • Empower our team members to reach their highest potential in a respectful and inclusive work environment
  • Educate and inspire a next generation of therapists who represent and serve the rich diversity of our community

Our Core Values

  • Passion for Making a Difference
  • Excellence
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Innovation

Teamwork & Collaboration

We believe that the child’s parents and family have the primary role in encouraging their child’s development. The role of our therapists is to work in close partnership with the patient’s family to develop treatment plans that address the needs and concerns of the family and child.

Words our Therapists use to describe PPT

progressive pediatric therapy

What our Therapists say about working at PPT

I feel we have more flexible and opportunities for growth, leadership, and work/life balance.”

We can provide truly holistic care to our clients from our interdisciplinary approach, evidence based practice, innovative techniques and strategies during treatment. Always opportunities for staff education and growth!”

PPT is unlike any other private practice or therapy company that I know of. We are true to our mission of empowering children, families, and the community and that is really the backbone of everything we do. Our continuing education and leadership opportunities help prevent burnout, strengthen our team, and increase the quality of therapy that we provide. PPT has a very clear and organized structure, which allows therapists to make and work toward professional goals. Our leaders are approachable and receptive, allowing for everyone’s voice to be heard. I think that keeping our mission at the forefront also helps us to maintain a positive workplace culture because we remember that we are all here for the same reason. Also, PPT maintains high ethical standards, which is unfortunately very rare in private practice. It feels to work for a company that values integrity! Also, our retention is noticeably higher than others in the industry, which allows us to really get to know each other and have such a sweet, lovey team.


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