therapy services

Progressive Pediatric Therapy offers a wide range of specialties and services, ensuring that all of your child’s needs are met.
Occupational Therapy
Our Pediatric Occupational Therapists work with families to assist children to learn functional skills. These include the ability to pay attention; remain calm; self-care skills, such as feeding independence, brushing hair, brushing teeth, dressing, and bathing. Occupational therapists also work on development of eye-hand skills, oral skills for eating; coordination of the whole body during movement of their body during all daily activities and in all environments.
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Physical Therapy
Our Pediatric Physical Therapists work with families to provide support in the areas of gross motor development, motor planning and visual motor skills. These may include improving and working with muscle tone, strength and development, range of movement, quality of movement, eye-hand coordination, attention to task and sensory integration. We see children from birth through adolescence with health problems related to injury, disease, or congenital conditions.
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Speech or Feeding Therapy
Our Speech Language Pathologists provide support to children in the areas of language acquisition, articulation, oral motor stimulation, feeding issues and communication skills. These areas may include improving and working with production of sounds, communication skill development (including sign language and PECS), increase the range of sounds, quality of language use, increase in feeding skills, improve oral motor functioning, and development of oral motor muscles to improve language use. 
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"Not only does our daughter look forward to her time with Aimee, she is now able to stand on her own for brief periods.  Her progress has been amazing!"

Katie S.