Mental Health – Therapeutic Clinic Program


Trust your intuition!

YOU know your kids best.

Did you know?

– 1 in 5 children suffer from a mental health or learning disorder

–  80% of chronic mental health disorders begin in childhood


  • Safe Sapce & Crisis Management
  • Mindfulness & Color Breathing
  • Heart Beat Co-Regulations

Red Flags

  • Excessive negative self-talk or self-image
  • Signs of depression, anxiety, isolation, or challenges with attachment
  • Known adverse experiences or trauma histories
  • Frequent or persistent meltdowns 
  • Maladaptive expressions of emotions (i.e. throwing chairs or excessive tearfulness without obvious trigger)
  • “Behavioral” concerns

Child Coloring

    Healing promoted through

    more than just the narrative


      • Often times childhood mental health concerns present as “behavior”
      • Neuroscience research informing us to move away from traditional behavioral approaches and modifications such as
      • Carrot & Stick” approaches or rewards and consequences
      • Research is telling us that not only are these approaches not effective, they could even be harmful
      • Particularly with children who have experienced trauma
      • Internal vs external rewards
      • Teaches children that their self-worth is based on external achievements and reinforced by external rewards or consequences
      • Can actually be reinforcing some of the effects of trauma or adverse experiences
        These approaches miss the mark and may actually cause harm

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