Play Time with Your 12 – 24 Month Old

Mar 25, 2013

As promised, I have some helpful activities for you to do with your 12 – 24 month old that will help your child attain age-appropriate milestones. If you need a refresher on what these milestones are, please go back to my last post “What Should I Do By Age Two?” Below, I have listed the specific milestone before each activity.

Stand on tiptoes: Place object of interest on an overhead surface out of reach to facilitate going up onto toes.

Climbing up onto furniture unassisted: Place a steady object (step, your leg, etc.) in front of furniture to help them begin climbing up independently.

Walking backwards: Have them hold a pull toy or both of your hands and tell them to pull it or you backwards. Also try holding around their waist when they are facing you and gently guide them backwards until they step.

Jumping: Have them bounce on a small trampoline. Also, on a solid surface, have them bend and straighten their knees while you hold around their hips for support. You can also assist them in jumping down off a small step.

Stairs: Hold onto their hips for support when walking up or down the middle of the stairs away from wall. Place a step stool next to sink and have them step up and down.

Kicking a ball forward: Hold their hand or place it on a wall when they try to kick the ball. Use a beach ball so it travels further.

the ball. Use a beach ball so it travels further.

Throw a ball over and under hand: Give them a target to throw a ball at.

Now, go have some fun while helping your child develop these skills. Next, I will be outlining 12-24 month milestones for other areas of development: social, emotional, cognitive, language, and fine motor.


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