Opening June 10, 2013, Holly Creek Star Center is seeking volunteers for its Hippotherapy riding program.

“Without volunteers, the children may not be able to ride,” says Carole Walker, Holly Creek Founder and PPT4Kids Speech and Language Pathologist. “If you know of someone who enjoys being outside, working around children, making children laugh and smile, and enjoys seeing progress made, give us a call.”

Progressive Pediatric Therapy recently partnered with Holly Creek Star Center, of Loxahatchee, Florida, to provide its clients and the Palm Beach area with Hippotherapy services. Hippotherapy uses the horses movement as a tool to facilitate therapy outcomes.

Volunteers are needed to be leaders, sidewalkers, grooms, as well as for non-horse related activities.  A leader is responsible for the horse at all times, therefore this position requires a knowledgeable horse handler.  A sidewalker does not need to have horse experience.  This individual will walk beside the rider while rider is mounted, they may or may not have to have a hand on the rider. The therapist is always in charge of the ride and session.

Holly Creek provides training for  volunteer activities.  To learn more about this amazing program, contact Holly Creek Star Center at 561-899-3448 or visit


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