Active Mobility and Snug Seat Provide Local Training

Apr 22, 2013

Progressive Pediatric Therapy’s Team had the opportunity to learn more about the Snug Seat products at it’s April In Service Training. Held at the Early Steps AMAR Center in West Palm Beach, the In Service Training was open to all local Easter Seals therapists.

Matthew Abrahams, with Snug Seat, demonstrated and discussed the products and introduced us to the “new to Florida” Caribou Upright Standing Tracking System. Simply amazing what it is capable of providing. He also reviewed the Stringray Tilt and Space Wheelchair, the Manatee Shower that grows with the child, the Crocodile, and the X-Panda wheelchair for high tone children. He even had a headrest with speakers for those children who need audio stimulation.

Our Pompano Beach representative with Active Mobility, Carey Britton was also at the In Service providing insight on the products in the marketplace and what insurance and Medicaid are supporting. PPT4Kids works with Active Mobility often to fit children for a variety of these products. To find out more go to

Snug Seat Provide Local Training


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