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2014 PPT4Kids’ Summer Camp Schedule Released

Mar 1, 2014

Looking for fun activities or expanded therapy services for your child this summer? Progressive Pediatric Therapy has expanded its summer camp program this year at both its Boca Raton and West Palm Beach clinics. Details are listed below for all of these amazing programs. To register, submit the 2014 Registration Form ( to one of the two PPT4Kids’ clinics.

PPT4Kids’ 2014 Summer Program Descriptions

Customized Intensive Therapy

For children who need a short term increase in therapy in order to meet a functional goal. A child with a disability might benefit from an intensive therapy “boost” at different times during the rehabilitation process. If your child has reached a plateau in progress, and it is felt by the therapy team that a functional goal could be reached with more strengthening of particular muscle groups or movement patterns, that is a good time for intensive therapy. Many children schedule intensive therapy when they are on the verge of a new skill and need strengthening and repetitive practice to attain the skill. An intensive therapy session can help the child and team focus on one particular goal that the child is motivated to attain. Intensives can also help with post-operative strengthening and learning new motor patterns within one year of orthopedic surgery.


  • Based on needs of each individual child.


  • Any age.
  • Ability to commit to full attendance for 2 hour therapy sessions (1 hour of OT and 1 hour of PT), 3 times a week for 3 weeks.
  • Motivation to play and move.

July 7th – 25th
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for 3 weeks

West Palm Beach Clinic

Billed to Insurance as 60 minutes of OT and 60 minutes of PT or paid in full for 3 week session is $1450.

Tippy Boy Feeding with Tongs

Constraint Induced Therapy

The goal of Constraint Induced Therapy is to develop new neural pathways through repetitive use of the affected arm. Children with Hemiplegia or Brachial Plexus injury often benefit from an intensive program that limits the use of their “good” side while they learn to use their more affected side. During this program, children will wear constraint casts on their uninvolved extremity to be used for stabilization, but not for refined hand use. This promotes more use of the involved arm for reaching, grasping, and manipulation. Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists work together to address the whole body for optimal use of the affected arm. A home program will be given to the family to use on non-therapy days to reinforce use of the involved extremity.


  • Increase awareness and spontaneous use of involved extremity.
  • Increase spontaneous use of the involved extremity for bilateral activities.
  • Improve alignment of the trunk and involved extremity.
  • Increase strength of the involved extremity.
  • Improve postural control and strength in the trunk to support bimanual tasks.
  • Increase independence with functional tasks.


  • Ages 2-8 years.
  • Some ability to grasp/release objects with involved hand.
  • Passive wrist extension to at least 20 degrees.
  • Passive forearm supination to at least neutral.
  • Able to follow simple directions.
  • Play skills generally within age expectations.
  • Family willing to carry over home program with use of constrain cast.

July 28th – August 15th
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Each day consists of 1 hour of PT and 1 hour of OT.

West Palm Beach Clinic

Therapy charged are based upon amount of time that each child received one to one attention from therapy staff and is estimated at 60 minutes of physical therapy and 60 minutes of occupational therapy billed to insurance. Any coverage that is not covered by insurance will be patient responsibility. Casting will need to be done prior to start of program and will be billed as therapy with material cost ($20-30).

Handwriting Groups


  • Mature pencil grip development.
  • Learning how to form numbers, upper case, and lower case letters.
  • Assuming and maintaining seated posture.
  • Developing and maintaining written organization during handwriting and drawing tasks.
  • Developing fine motor planning and co-ordination for drawing and writing.
  • Developing core stability and shoulder stability.
  • Following multi-step directions.


  • Children ages 5 to 7 years old (K to 2nd grade).
  • Have emerging grasp skills.
  • Must be able to follow two step directions for learning crafts and new skills.
  • The child must have letter and number awareness and the ability to sit for 5 to 10 minutes interacting with materials.

10 -11:30 a.m.
Boca Clinic
Week 1- 6/9 to 6/13 Week 2- 8/4-8/8
WPB office
Week 1-6/23 to 6/27 Week 2-8/11-8/15

Cost: $175 plus $25 material fee

Frosting Graham Crackers

Language Therapy Group

Play and talk is a fun filled group for children ages 3-5 years to facilitate early language and social skill development. The children explore play and language with the added bonus of being in a social environment. It is facilitated by a speech & language therapist. The activities include crafts, play, cooking, snack, singing, and acting. The activities are designed to promote language and play skills. Classes limited to 6 children and meet weekly. Children are grouped according to age, skill level, and areas of concern or focus.


  • Provide motivating and meaningful opportunities to use language.
  • To provide support and models at each child’s level of ability and needs.
  • To use visual supports, music, technology, and props to enhance language comprehension and development.
  • To stimulate and elicit use of more advanced language forms in a variety of settings.
  • To provide follow-up materials for home practice and use.

Children who demonstrate delays in language development in the areas of: auditory processing, vocabulary development, expressive language forms, appropriate use of language in dialogues, clearness of speech, interacting with peers, and participating in play activities with others.

Boca Clinic
Ages 3-5 Mondays 2-3 p.m., June 16th-August 11th
Ages 6-8 Fridays 2-3 p.m., June 20th-August 15th
WPB Clinic
Ages 3-5 Tuesdays 9-10 a.m., June 17th-August 12th
Ages 6-8 Tuesdays 3-4 p.m., June 17th-August 12th

Cost: $200 for the 9 week session

Flea Catching

Tippy and Cotter’s Dog Days of Summer Group

Join us for a fun filled animal assisted group! Come learn to handle and train service dogs while improving fine motor, gross motor, and social skills. Hands on activities include basic grooming techniques and training skills, responsible pet ownership, pet/animal precautions, cooking for humans and hounds (healthy dog and human treats), arts and crafts, obstacle courses, and strengthening activities and much more!

Criteria of participants:

  • Ages must be 7+ (Limit of 4 children).
  • Able to follow directions.
  • Have an interest in interacting with dogs/animals.
  • Directors of program will determine appropriateness of each child based on information provided by child’s current therapist and/or parent.

June 23rd to July 28th
Mondays 1 to 3 p.m. (limited to 4 children)

Cost: $300 for the session

Aquatic Therapy

Exercise in the water can be used to strengthen weak muscles, relax tight muscles, and improved body awareness, coordination, and control of movement for functional tasks. Using the physical properties of the water, our physical and occupational therapists work to improve independent function.


  • Increase range of motion.
  • Increase strength using water and adaptive equipment for resistive exercise.
  • Improve muscle control and endurance for functional movements on land and in the water.
  • Improve body awareness, sensory organization, and coordination.
  • Improve respiratory capacity.

Children Who Will Benefit

  • Infants and toddlers can begin with early work on trunk and head control, functional movements, even advanced gross motor skills in a buoyancy-supported, natural community environment.
  • School-age children can use a new environment to increase motivation and keep strengthening during growth spurts.
  • Adolescents work with the partial body weight support of water at varying depths to transition functional independence into land-based skills.
  • All ages find the water can be calming and organizing environment that may help increase attention and functional interactions.
  • Post-surgery, get weak limbs moving sooner and develop new patterns of movement for improved functional outcomes.

Session 1: May 9th-June 13th Fridays (6 weeks) from 3 – 6 p.m.
Session 2: June 20th-August 15th Fridays (8 weeks, no class July 4th) from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Small Fish, Big Fish Swim School
346 Pike Road, Units 3&4 West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Session 1: Billed to insurance as therapy ($120 pool fee) or Pay $275 without insurance
Session 2: Billed to insurance as therapy ($160 pool fee) or Pay $375 without insurance


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