PPT4Kids Offers Aquatic Therapy

    Aquatic Therapy is an excellent supplement to land-based physical and occupational therapy, providing one-on-one treatment sessions.  It uses safe and efficient methods to achieve your child's individualized short-term goals.  The water offers a gentle resistance, which increases strength and enhances sensory feedback and learning.  In addition, the water supports muscles while children work on balance and posture.  The therapists utilize aquatic and land-based techniques, including myofascial release, neuro-developmental treatment, sensory motor integration, and functional motor skills.  Aquatic Therapy is an effective way to address many types of conditions including sensory, neurological, and orthopedic problems.
      Small Fish Big Fish Swim School opened its year round state of the art indoor facility on Pike Road in West Palm Beach in February of 2012.  The 5,300 square foot facility includes a 1,000 square foot shallow teaching pool ranging from 3.0 to 4.6 feet deep, an air condition reception/viewing area for parents with free WiFi, and a state of the art pool filtration and treatment system.  The pool offers your child a 90-92 Degree Water Temperature making it ideal for body temperature regulation and motor movement.
For more information about PPT4Kids’ Aqua Therapy program, call 561-376-2573.  

"The staff at Progressive Pediatrics is experienced, goal orientated, and provides superior care for our son, Chase. The changes in a short time have been huge for us; he is now preparing to use a power wheelchair and is progressing more each day."

Sean and Thea